Developing a digitally inflected teaching exercise

The class I would probably teach is HST 391: Environmental History of North America which is primarily a lecture-based class run every spring. As an environmental historian, this class would be a delight to teach. Since it is a 300-level class, it will not be a large class. To me, this represents a great opportunity to try two kinds of digitally inflected teaching exercises. The first would be a group assignment, along the lines of the one described by Ulises A. Meijas[1] i.e. getting students to create and use Wikis as a group assignment while the second would be a lightening round of individual research project presentations on Twitter. The first assignment would be the midterm assignment while the second would be the pre-final presentation.

Mid-term assignment: Building a Wiki

Developing and editing a Wiki page around an important environmental event in North America. The starting point for the assignment will be…